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White Paper: How to Secure DevOps Across Any Environment

Makes Breaches Irrelevant with CSPi's ARIA Software-Defined Security

Download this white paper to learn how the ARIA SDS platform addresses challenges such as:

  • Secure any DevOps environment - including VMs 
    and containers as they spawn
  • Increase application security - providing simple connectors for developers to encrypt their applications with no additional coding

 While DevOps enables rapid application development, it may create security vulnerabilities and expose critical data. While there are several terms out there - DevSecOps or SecDevOps - they all need the same thing - an end for securing data no matter where it is stored, used or accessed.

Why? Developers don't have the tools or skills needed to add security into their applications.  For InfoSec, the ease with which VMs and/or containers can be used to build and house applications, 
including access and store data, complicates security policies.

Yet, cyber attacks are increasing and pose ever-greater financial and operational threats. Across the industry we need to make breaches irrelevant, so when the inevitable data breach hits, data can’t be accessed in a usable form.

  • Apply security policies automatically - critical to securing data no matter where it is stored, accessed, or used
  • Improve application performance - offload advanced security features and avoid server upgrades

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