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Shortening the breach identification and investigation phase provides deveral benefits:

Meet stringent data privacy compliance regulations, like GDPR

Focus efforts on effective forensic analysis and remediation

Limit breach exposure and the expenses related to handling breaches

In this webinar, join Cisco and CSPi as they discuss how automated breach notification solutions can be the perfect compliment to Cisco's incident response services - and take your incident response approach to a whole new level. With Cisco's FirePOWER and CSPi' Myricom nVoy solutions, your incident response process can start immediately after a breach is verified and therefore be completed faster. In some cases the full impact of a breach can be determined in minutes. 

This can be extremely powerful for companies which rely on managed services providers for their cyber breach incident response strategy. With FirePOWER and nVoy, Cisco’s IR professional services team will proactively monitor the solution for you and will receive email notifications when a potential incident is occurring against your organizations critical assets to trigger IR activity.