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The Security Solution You've Been Waiting For

February 20 - Gary Southwell, GM, CyberSecurity Products

February 21 - Gary Southwell, GM, CyberSecurity Products

February 22 - Gary Southwell, GM, CyberSecurity Products



Attend this seminar and gain the upper hand needed to mitigate, if not stop, the financial impact of data breaches.

A New Approach to Breach Identification

These security seminars will present a new security solution that will allow you to: 

February 20

Cisco Systems
400 Carillon Parkway, Ste 220
St. Petersburg, FL

Identify Breaches Automatically
Pinpoint Impacted Records
Achieve Privacy Compliance

Gain complete insight

Identify impacted records and have evidentiary proof required for data privacy compliance regulations.

Focus efforts, act faster

Reduce incident response with rapid breach identification and complete investigation in days.

Reduce complexity

Get automated threat conversation extractions that allow for a complete investigation in days.

Perform better analysis

Pivot around events and use the information to look at what other critical data an intruder or malicious insider may have attempted to access.

Achieve enterprise-wide Security

Make critical data impenetrable to breaches while securing a DevOps environment, improving application performance and decreasing deployment costs.

11:00 am
Welcome and Introductions

11:15 am
CSPi Overview: Automated Breach Identification and Notification

12:00 pm
Lunch and Networking

12:30 pm
Cisco Security Solutions

February 21

Cisco Systems
12001 Research Parkway
Orlando, FL

February 22

Cisco Systems
3250 W. Commercial Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Organizations need automated security solutions to avoid the financial consequences of inevitable data breaches, such as data privacy compliance fines. Traditional security approaches do not provide the effective automation required. Considering most InfoSec teams receive 5,000 intrusion alerts per day, it’s not surprising that 66% of breaches take months, if not years, to discover.

With Cisco and CSPi’s security solutions, InfoSec teams can now receive an email alert, within minutes of a verified breach. This alert triggers an extraction file containing detailed conversations between affected devices. Complete visibility into which records were impacted provides the concrete evidence needed to avoid data privacy compliance fines and defend against legal pr

February 20 - Chet Milensky, Sales Specialist, CyberSecurity 

February 21 - Chris Ireland, Consulting Systems Engineer, CyberSecurity

February 22 - Brandon Newport, Manager System Engineer, Security Sales