Fully Achieve SecDevOps with 

  • Uncompromised network security across any environment
  • Automatic deployment of security policies as VM and containers spawn
  • Full security of any datacenter: on-premise, public cloud, or private
  • Allow developers to secure applications without impacting their normal design process
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Achieve SecDevOps and generate a higher ROI with improved application performance and decreased deployment costs!

The sense of urgency businesses feel to move operations to a more scalable, more agile SecDevOps model is real — and it’s gaining momentum as those leading the business operations look to application developers to accelerate development cycles and release times.

Yet, application developers require a simple way to secure their applications and InfoSec teams must still implement the right levels of security to protect their critical assets. Often these two objectives are at odds, especially if security requirements restrict business growth and momentum.

Now there’s way to truly achieve “Secure DevOps.” CSPi’s ARIA Software-Defined Security (SDS) is the only enterprise-wide solution that can automatically secure deployments for VMs and/or containers whether on-premise or in a public cloud. Our ARIA SDS solution does this through assured source spawning while protecting data with high-performance, per-application encryption for end-to-end SecDevOps.