We invite you to watch this short educational video (less than 20 mins) to learn how ARIA SDS Key Management application:

Provides out-of-the-box integration with VMware vSphere environments

Does not add latency to the network

Generates thousands of unique keys per minute

Delivers plug-and-play functionality to work with existing commercial servers

CSPi’s ARIA KMS application is based on the widely accepted KMIP standard and easily integrates with other KMIP-based applications, including VMware vSphere. It can scale to thousands of keys per minute – a critical advantage to secure all enterprise-wide data and application transactions. With ARIA KMS, there is no impact to performance or infrastructure investment since this application is deployed via a PCIe network adapter (10Gb or 25Gb) for zero footprint, as well as server offloading.

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“Five Minutes and Four Easy Steps to VMware Encryption” 

Five Minutes and Four Easy Steps to  VMware Encryption

All while gaining ten times the performance, at half the cost of a traditional key management solution.

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