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Today’s IT and security teams often have volumes of alert data triggered from their firewall or IDS. What they need is a fully automated solution to not only validate that a cyber breach occurred, but to reduce incident response times. Meeting the tightening compliance rules of data privacy regulations, such as 3-day breach notification of GDPR, demands a complete view of potential cyber incidents. Having this detailed data allows analysts to quickly perform forensic analysis - reducing the risk, time and expense of associated with cyber breaches.

Get ahead of the next cyber attack with CSPi’s Advanced Forensic Framework, powered by Myricom nVoy Series, which gives security teams fast, accurate and automated incident response when a triggered firewall alert against critical assets occurs. Analysts will get a 360-degree view of the incident and be provided with the crucial insights needed to quickly and accurately learn what happened to data and meet strict data privacy regulations found in GDPR and PCI DSS.”

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